Meet Patrick

For over thirty years, Patrick has lived in Buena Park and Lakeview where he and his wife, Kim Soo, raise their two children while chasing their relentlessly friendly puppy, Billie Buckner.

For the past 27 years, Patrick Nagle has worked in public service with the federal government to improve the lives of Chicagoans.  In 2009, Patrick was appointed to be an Administrative Law Judge with the Social Security Administration.  After serving in a variety of judicial leadership positions, Patrick was appointed to be the Chief Administrative Law Judge of the nation in 2016.  In this capacity, Patrick worked to improve the nation’s disability program at a time when the Agency faced a historic backlog of disability appeals.  In five short years, Patrick and the 1,500 judges under his report reduced the time for processing disability claims by more than 10 months and decreased the number of pending disability claims from 1,142,00 to under 340,000.  Under Patrick’s leadership, the Agency also pivoted during the early days of COVID-19 to transform its 600,000 annual in-person hearings to telephone and online video platforms preventing a disruption in public service to the most vulnerable Americans at a time of great uncertainty.

Prior to Patrick’s 2009 appointment as a judge, he worked for the United States Department of Justice handling federal criminal prosecutions and with the Social Security Administration litigating civil matters both in Federal District Courts and in Federal Courts of Appeal.

As a board member of East Lakeview Neighbors Association for over ten years, the last six as Vice-President:

  • co-organized the annual Oktoberfest fundraiser for six years, raising funds to support first responders, Greeley and Brenneman schools; the House of Good Sheppard; Nourishing Hope; Gill and Kelly parks; and the Legacy Project

As a decade long member of the 46th Ward Zoning Board, Patrick has worked diligently to make the 46th Ward a better community for its residents. Spent over 10 years on the 46th Ward Zoning Committee to help approve:

  • over 2,500 new residential units
  • $6.9 million for Clarendon Park Fieldhouse rehab
  • $3.1 million for Sarah’s Circle expansion increasing local social services available to women
  • expanded services for Howard Brown Health Center and
  • expanded services for Lakeview Pantry (now “Nourishing Hope”) 

Patrick graduated cum laude from College of Holy Cross earning a Bachelor of Arts in History. Patrick went on to earn a Juris Doctorate from the University of Notre Dame Law School.