Public Safety

My top priority will be to make our community safer including staffing our 19th police district.

Public Transportation

We deserve safe, clean, accessible, and reliable public transportation.

Constituent Services

I pledge to provide timely, quality public service to the constituents of the 46th Ward.


We are the home to a wide variety of entertainment and recreational venues that combine to shape the character of our community.

Housing Development

By working together, we can find ways to address our housing shortfall and deliver quality improvements to our community.


Chicago must provide quality education for all students which requires proper staffing and resources.


All working people deserve recognition, collective bargaining rights, and fair wages and working conditions.

Hate Crimes

l will create a strong community/law enforcement partnership to address the rise of hate crimes in our Ward.

Economic Development

I will foster a vibrant and flourishing business community that creates jobs for its residents.

People Experiencing Homelessness

We need to humanely and effectively implement a coordinated approach for solving unsheltered homelessness.