Constituent Services


Members of our community deserve an alderman who is responsive to their needs.  I understand the frustration that residents experience when they can’t get satisfaction from various city departments.  Whether it’s deep standing water in Gill Park after every rainfall, inadequate garbage containers in Buena Park, or unfilled potholes in Uptown, issues that may seem trivial to some mean much more to the affected residents.  As alderman, I will advocate with the city on behalf of our residents.  I personally know what it’s like to wait for months for a response from the city only to learn that “my paperwork was lost.”  Sometimes community members just need help figuring out whom to talk to or what the process is for getting something.  I don’t expect residents to be experts in every nuance of zoned parking passes, speed bump petitions, city stickers, block party applications, social services information, business licenses, or street sweeping schedules.  As alderman I pledge to provide timely, quality public service to the constituents of the 46th Ward.  Here in the 46th Ward, we are in this together, and that’s how my office will treat you.